Here are some helpful advices so you perhaps can save time and money during your stay. It contains important Internet links, for whose contents we are not responsible. But these might really facilitate your travel arrangements, however. We also suggest smartphone users recommended APPs that will guide you safely and inexpensively throughout London.



A "must have"! Buy at an ATM of a subway station one of these OYSTER cards per person for 5 pounds as a deposit. Top it up with at least 10 pounds. Now you can use Underground (Tube), Bus, Overground and the River Bus on the River Thames. The OYSTER card refundable at your departure and you will get the 5 pounds in return.

The TfL (Transport for London) is one of the best developed public transport systems worldwide. This also includes partly National Rail, the train service.

The Underground is relatively expensive in peak hours (morning until 7:30am and 5:30pm to 7:30pm). You can really save money when you use the tube outside these times or use the bus. The busses stop often approximately 300 mts apart because of the tight network. But you will receive an almost free City Tour.

ULMON App for London


This app shows an overview of the London Underground system and so you always carry a digital route map around. Furthermore, this app provides regular tips for London tourists to discover lesser known places.




A fantastic tool to help navigate foreign big cities. The app takes your postition and you enter the specific destination address. Now you are detailed and very accurate guided to your target with information which transport should be used, how far you have to walk and what it costs. There are several alternatives shown and available to choose on your route and you will know when you will arrive. The chosen public transports are displayed in real time and you know exactly how long you have to wait for the next ride.





Of course you need a ride on a classic London cab, the "black cabs". Unfortunately, these are also quite expensive. If you sit at sixth in it, the costs can be quite well share and so many fit inside into these black monsters quite comfortable. The doors remain locked until you have paid.
But there is a much cheaper alternative: UBER. Download this app and you will know in advance what you pay to your destination. It is usually much less than half the normal taxi prices. 


If you want to download and use this app, please let us know and we will send a recommendation link, 

which gives you the first drive for free up to 15 Pound Sterling.



Visiting Museums


There are countless museums in London, very interesting and exciting ones. Specifically, this can however be very expensive. Pick a combined ticket which allows you to visit several museums. These are offered on several websites and you can save a lot of money. The link offered is just one of many existing. It requires a little Internet research.

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