The Boat


Length: 70 ft - 21,34 m


Width: 6,8 ft - 2,08 m


Draught: 2 ft - 0,61 m


Headroom: 6,4 ft - 1,95 m


Year of construction: 1999 by Dave Thomas


Engine: Diesel 46 hp


Hull: Steel



DREAMCATCHER has a bathroom with sink, toilet and shower, a kitchen with 7 gas burners, a double oven with separate grill, a double berth and a single berth, a seating area L-shape sofa, this can be converted into an extra bed and there is a dining table for 4 people.


Heat is supplied evenly distributed via a stove which also distributes the heat via radiators throughout the entire boat. Regardless of that the boat can also be heated by a WEBASTO System (comparable to a truck heater) within a few minutes.

This system provides the boat in addition with hot water.


The power supply is backed up by a powerful solar system.

The Dreamcatcher is a fairly self-sufficient and a comfortable residence
even in the coldest winter.


In 2015 the boat was technically renewed and it is in an excellent condition.

This boat is comfortably designed for 3 people.

An additional person can stay with restricted comfort on board.



has a ramp for disabled and wheelchair users to enable easy access onto the boat!

A true Narrow Boat should measure 7 ft across as in the 18th century 2.13 mts was the usuable width of the canals. For consistency, this standard was maintained later. Today the London canals have been consideable extended. More than 2000 miles are now passable.

The limited width of the narrow boats made sense: The boats were pulled by horses at the beginning; and so the strong Shire horses were not overloaded by the small size of the boat with about 25 tons when fully loaded. Likewise did those better control by the slender shape. Moreover, it was never intended that people should live permanently on board, because these boats are designed exclusively for freight transport since the mid-18th century.

In this modern era, the country's infrastructure is so well developed that a water transport of most goods channels is almost uneconomical.

No other type of boat is more common on the English channels, as the Narrow Boat. Loved and decried. An adventure at all and with the new techniques, the sturdy steel hull which resists even bigger collisions and being equipped with all the comforts unimaginable.

"Dreamcatcher", so the name of this boat is a so-called semi-Traditional Stern. That means the rear is by the traditional rating a few centimeters longer, so you can stand more comfortable at the rear or even sit (What is not possible in Traditional Stern.) And things can be stowed.

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